Social Commitment

Tomé is a company that has a social commitment to its employees and to the region in which it is located, supporting and participating in community events. Employees receive benefits such as 50% of scholarships for primary, secondary, and high school. It also offers benefits to its internal audience in terms of health, transportation, and feeding plans.

It actively contributes to Associação Ser Criança Feliz, through its director, Humberto Tomé, who acts as an advisor to the institution, as well as donations and incentive projects, for which it was recognized with the certificate of “Company of Attitude”. SCF serves some 550 disadvantaged children in Caxias do Sul. Another NGO that has significant support in Tomé is the Community Movement to Combat Violence (Mocovi), where Humberto Tomé serves as president. This organization, through donations from companies and voluntary work, assists the civilian and military police.

State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


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