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Located in Caxias do Sul , a mountain village in the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Tomé SA was founded in 1960 by brothers Humberto Valério, José Antônio and Mário Matheus Tomé . It occupies an industrial park of 60 thousand m², 20 thousand m² of built area, and large preserved green area, dedicated to the casting of auto parts . It has three molding lines with annual capacity for 700 thousand molds and a fusion of 42 thousand tons. It is the biggest producer of cast iron in the Rio Grande do Sul and one of the largest manufacturers of brake drums in the world, and regularly exports to several countries in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Thecommitment to quality at all stages of its process is a constant challenge for Tomé in terms of commitment to customers and the reliability of its products. This is reflected in the company’s constant evolution in the market in which it operates, in meeting deadlines, in competitive prices, in technical support, as well as in personalized service. Tomé constantly invests in the modernization of its industrial park and in state-of-the-art technology. It develops specific products for the needs of customers in the four corners of the world and for the major multinational manufacturers of motor vehicles.The reliability of their business is the result of constant evolution in the quality of the products, in the training of the equipment, in the punctual deliveries, in the efficient service and in the excellent relationship that it maintains with its customers who have all the technological support.

State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


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